Roller Shutter Maintenance & Repair

Whether you need a quick emergency repair or a full service of your roller shutter, HVP Security Shutters can look after all your roller shutter service and repair requirements. Our dedicated Service & Repair department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we operate throughout the UAE

Why Maintenance and Repair is Important

Servicing prolongs the life of your shutter installation. It helps avoid the sudden loss of income when a malfunctioning shutter or door restricts access to your premises. A service engineer will also detect abnormal wear and tear or damage which, if left undetected, would reduce the life expectancy of the product, or worse, render it dangerous.

Thinking of installing roller shutter doors?

We know a lot about industrial Roller Shutter Doors and in the post, we cover the many benefits of installing roller shutters.

  1. Security

  2. Roller shutters are incredibly secure from both pedestrian and vehicular access. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why many businesses choose to install Roller shutters in their industrial premises.
    Installing roller shutters into the exterior access points of your premises not only improves the security of your building but also acts as a deterrent to potential thieves looking to gain easy access.
    Built from mild steel, industrial roller security shutters will provide an additional layer of security and protection for your premises and it’s contents.
    Also, if your premises is likely to be vacant for longer periods of time (such as Christmas or company shutdowns) steel roller shutters provide a greater degree of protection for vacant buildings.

  3. The added security benefits of a roller shutter door also have the benefit of acting as a deterrent to forced-entry attempts to your premises.
    Roller shutters send a clear message that the building is secure and protected and can prevent break-in attempts before they even happen.
    Shutter doors can also deter vandalism as many doors can be coated to make them graffiti proof.

  4. Hinged doors can be unpredictable, especially when used on external entrances to your industrial buildings. Roller shutter does are impervious to wind and only move up and down within their fixings.
    Standard hinged doors often end up propped open with bricks or whatever is found to hand – this can mean than on windy days they are prone to slamming shut (potentially damaging the door and injuring members of staff).
    Weather Protection

  5. With extreme weather conditions on the increase, roller shutter doors provide more protection from the elements than standard doors.
    Whether its protection from wind or rain, a properly installed and maintained shutter door helps keep the heat and rain out and helps to keep the ambient temperature inside your premises constant.
    Fire Protection

  6. Industrial Roller shutter doors provide much better protection against the spread of fire than traditional wooden doors. In the unlikely event of a fire, shutter doors can contain a fire and prevent it from spreading internally or externally to other buildings.
    Note that the level of protection provided by a roller shutter door will vary based upon its construction – always check with your industrial door supplier first if you need specific fire retardant doors.
    Better use of space.

  7. Unlike traditional doors that open outwards or inwards, roller shutter does open vertically which helps to increase the usable space of your premises. Loading and unloading also become easier as vehicles can be parked right up against the doors, allowing goods to be loaded more efficiently – saving you time and money.
    You’ll also find that there’s no need to leave large clear areas of space around a roller shutter door. This means that you can store items closer to it within the building.

  8. If your business operations require some degree of privacy, roller shutter doors can provide an additional level of privacy for your business – both in terms of preventing observation of activities inside your premises, and soundproofing to prevent noise spreading outside your building.Ease of use

  9. Modern roller shutter doors are quick and easy to use, either manually via a chain system or power-operated.
    Opening and closing the shutter doors is straightforward and as long as they are properly serviced and maintained, the opening mechanism is quick and easy.
    Motorised roller shutter doors also have the option of being operated remotely via a hand-held transmitter instead of a standard key or rocker switch.
    Value for money

  10. Although shutter doors may require slightly more investment in the short-term, a regularly serviced door will last for years to come. When you add together the benefits of these doors over their traditional counterparts, the investment makes good sense.Sending the right message to your clients.

What your business looks like is more important than ever. Clients visiting your premises are far more likely to be impressed with your facilities if there are well maintained, clean and on-brand roller doors at key entrance points.
Most shutter doors can be finished in any RAL or BS number via powder coating. This can be in full or part as required.

Looking for emergency roller shutter repairs?

Here at U.A.E ( DUBAI ) Doors, we specialise in the repair of most industrial door types.Our team of experts are on hand to help if you have any major repair works that need carrying out, we can often accommodate requests within a few hours.For future 24 hr service call out, we are able to provide service & maintenance contract giving you priority & discounted service

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