Hikvision High-Quality CAT 6 Cable-Designed for CCTV

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Hikvision High-Quality CAT 6 Cable-Designed for CCTV

Hikvision High-Quality CAT 6 Cable-Designed for CCTV

Dhs. 599.00 Dhs. 499.00

Hikvision High-Quality CAT 6 Cable-Designed for CCTV

Dhs. 599.00 Dhs. 499.00
  • Compliant Standards: Meets industry standards, including ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, IEC61156, and ISO/IEC11801, ensuring reliable performance.
  • RoHS 2.0 Compliant: Adheres to environmental standards for safer and more sustainable use.
  • Robust Sheath: The cable features a strong sheath with high tensile and compressive strength, reducing the risk of damage during installation.
  • High-Temperature Resilience: Performs exceptionally well in Fluke 90-meter permanent link tests at 50°C, ensuring stability in challenging conditions.
  • PoE Compatibility: Demonstrates excellent performance in the Fluke 100-meter channel test with continuous loading of 57 V/1 A DC power (PoE).
  • Solid-Bare Copper Conductor: Features a solid-bare copper conductor for reduced resistance and superior electrical properties and transmission performance.
  • Model: DS-1LN6U-G
  • Category: Cat.6
  • Sheath Printing: Clearly marked with Hikvision, category, and compliance details for easy identification.
  • Reference Standards: Complies with ISO/IEC11801, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, and RoHS 2.0 standards.
  • Fire Resistance: No fire resistance feature.
  • Conductor Material: Solid-Bare Copper (99.95%) with a 23 AWG diameter.
  • Insulation Material: High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with a diameter of 0.98 mm.
  • Sheath: PVC sheath with a thickness of 0.50 mm and a 6.00 mm diameter.
  • Color: Grey sheath for versatility and ease of identification.
  • Sheath Properties: Demonstrates robust physical properties before and after aging, with high tensile strength and elongation.
  • Electrical Characteristics: Maintains impedance and delay skew within specified limits, with low DC resistance.
  • Package Dimensions: 400 mm (W) x 400 mm (H) x 240 mm (D).
  • Weight: Approximately 12.3 kg.
  • Cable Length: 305 ± 1.5 meters.
  • Ambient Temperature: Operating temperature range from -20°C to 75°C (-4°F to 167°F).
  • Operating Voltage: Suitable for use at up to 60 V.
  • Technical Performance (100 m): Lists key performance metrics for various frequencies including attenuation (ATT), return loss (RL), and more.
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